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Both Sides of the Bars | Parole Reform: Less is More

ProducerKhalil Cumberbatch
DescriptionParole reform has become an important issue within the criminal legal reform world. New York reincarcerates more people on parole for technical violations -- like missing an appointment with a parole officer, being late for curfew, or testing positive for alcohol -- than any state in the country except Illinois. Of the people on parole whom New York sent back to prison in 2016, over 6,300 -- or 65% -- were reincarcerated for technical parole violations. That’s five times the national average. Meanwhile, the racial disparity is stark: Black people are incarcerated in New York City jails for technical parole violations at more than 12 times the rate of whites. The Less is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act would fix this problem.
DateNovember 16, 2022