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Both Sides of the Bars: Housing Discrimination Against Justice-Impacted People: The Case of The Fortune Society vs. iAfford NY

ProducerKhalil Cumberbatch
DescriptionPeople returning home from incarceration continue to be punished in so many ways: they struggle to find work, secure loans, gain an education, acquire needed social service benefits, and many times are denied housing. Recognizing that this housing problem was getting worse over time and that landlords and brokers were becoming savvier about covering up or hiding unlawful blanket bans against people with criminal legal system involvement in violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, The Fortune Society began systematically tracking and combating potential housing discrimination against people with legal system involvement. And last year, Fortune brought a federal lawsuit against iAfford NY, a New York City housing unit marketing agent. In this episode, that case – and the problem of housing discrimination -- are discussed by Fortune housing advocate Tabber B. Benedict, Fortune president and CEO JoAnne Page, and Valeria D. Comenencia Ortiz, an attorney at Washington, DC-based civil rights law firm Relman Colfax.
DateNovember 27, 2023
CategoryNews/Public Affairs