Bisexual Visibility: Acknowledging the Overlooked

ProducerIsabella O’Neal
SeriesCMAC Youth Voices
DescriptionOften people who identify as bisexual are overlooked and discriminated by both the LGBTQ+ and straight community. This film shares the experience of two bisexuals to alleviate some of the fears and discomfort associated with coming out.
DateMay 27, 2021
AiringFriday, June 24 - 1:30pm on CMAC 1
Saturday, June 25 - 1:30pm on CMAC 1
Sunday, June 26 - 7:30am on CMAC 1
Sunday, June 26 - 5:00pm on CMAC 1
Friday, July 1 - 10:51pm on CMAC 1