A Road Less Traveled Podcast, Ep 8: The Mother of Mobility: Bertha Benz with Erika Gibson

ProducerHilary Haron
SeriesA Road Less Traveled Podcast
DescriptionJoin us on "Paving A Road Less Traveled" as we embark on a journey through history with host Hilary Haron and history expert Erika Gibson. In this episode, we shine a light on the remarkable life and contributions of Bertha Benz, the unsung heroine behind the invention of the modern car. Despite her pivotal role in funding her husband's business and actively participating in the creation of the internal combustion engine, Bertha's story has often been overshadowed by male figures in history. This conversation delves into the importance of preserving women's history and amplifying their voices, highlighting the need for greater recognition and representation of women's contributions to the modern world. Tune in to uncover the inspiring legacy of Bertha Benz and the impact of her pioneering spirit on automotive history.
DateMay 7, 2024