There are seven City Council Members elected by district for four-year staggered terms (also on a non-partisan basis and for up to two terms) and rotate serving one-year terms as Council President. The City Council is the legislative body, their powers and duties are subject to the Brown Act and include the consideration of land use decisions, and other actions taken by ordinance, resolution, etc. at publicly noticed City Council Meetings.

Fresno City Council 1-18-2024

Fresno City Council, January 18th, 2024.

Fresno City Council 1-11-2024

Fresno City Council, January 11th, 2024. Council Members: Council…

Fresno City Council 12-14-2023

Fresno City Council, December 14th, 2023.

Fresno City Council 12-7-2023

Fresno City Council, December 7th, 2023.

Fresno City Council 11-16-2023

Fresno City Council, November 16th, 2023.

Fresno City Council 11-2-2023

Fresno City Council, November 2nd, 2023.

Fresno City Council 10-19-2023

Fresno City Council, October 19th, 2023.

Fresno City Council 10-5-2023

Fresno City Council, October 5th, 2023.

Fresno City Council 9-28-2023

Fresno City Council, September 28th, 2023.