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Schedule for Sunday, August 7, 2022

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amThese Are the Days of Miracles: Ep 6 (Espanol)
06:30 amThese Are the Days of Miracles: Episode 7: Helen Gomez Ministries in English
07:00 amMidnight Ministry: What If?
07:30 amMidnight Ministry: What If?
08:00 amUnfiltered: Our Nation's Melting Pot: What Does It Mean To Be American?
08:00 amUnfiltered 8/6/2022
10:00 amHoly Spirit Catholic Church Mass
11:00 amFresberg Creates: Ep 007 (John F Kennedy)
11:15 amFresberg Creates: Ep 007 (Colin Kaepernick)
11:30 amFresberg Creates: Ep 006 (Samuel L Jackson)
11:44 amArmenian News Update: Week of August 1st, 2022 Pt 1
11:45 amArmenian News Update: Week of August 1st, 2022 Pt 2
12:00 pmThe Faithful Word: Serve Jesus Heartily, Pt 2
12:30 pmFresberg Creates: Ep 007 (Colin Kaepernick)
12:45 pmFresno County Public Library: Craft Time For Kids and Families (May 2022)
01:00 pmDRL: Episode 5
01:30 pmDoc Request Live (DRL): Episode 6
02:00 pmDRL: Episode 7
02:30 pmDoc Request Live (DRL): Episode 8
03:00 pmHablemos con Yolanda: Episode 8
04:00 pmSwords and Lasers: Pilot Episode
05:16 pmNexus Vagabond Films: Solo
05:30 pmSwords and Lasers: Ep 1
06:45 pmFresno County Public Library: 1st Chapter Saturdays (June 2022)
07:00 pmThe Neat and Smiley Show: Ft. Tatiana
07:30 pmNot Just Any Restaurant
07:35 pmHillary & Albert
07:41 pmThe Last In Line
07:48 pmArmenian News Update: Week of August 1st, 2022 Pt 1
07:49 pmArmenian News Update: Week of August 1st, 2022 Pt 2
08:00 pmKelly's Yoga Mat: Meditation Monday Lets Take a Journey Together
08:30 pmAuditorium 13
08:44 pmLittle Lies Music Video
08:47 pmRo Sham Bo
09:00 pmSheRockScience: Vaccines
09:30 pmWeaponized News: Big Pharma Whistleblower
11:30 pmGutted: Pilot (Evil Dead, The Descent and ANoES)