Video Tutorials for Producing at Home

Since we can’t host workshops at CMAC during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re bringing the training home to you! New tutorials are being released multiple times a week. Please check back here or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the latest videos.



Where Do Ideas Come From? Creative Inspiration

Every great video starts with an idea. Terry interviews the rest of the CMAC staff to ask where their best ideas come from.


Expanding Your Idea Into A Video: Pre-Production

Learn Pre-Production and how to take your video idea to the next step with Cesar.


Writing Scripts For Your Videos: Pre-Production

Take your idea and formulate a script with Cesar. Covering different types of scripts and the tools to help write them.

A template for a Rundown and Two Column Script:

Narrative script apps:
Paid: (monthly) (first page free, $50 for full, Mac & iOS only, compatible with Final Draft files) ($80 compatible with Final Draft, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) ($200)

Narrative script Elements breakdown


How to conduct a video interview

Whether interviewing someone in person or over the internet, Terry and Cyndy have tips for you to conduct a successful interview for your production.



Filming with Your Phone

Kyle shows you some tips and tricks for recording professional looking video with your phone or mobile device.


Filming with Your Phone: Filmic Pro

Kyle shows you how to record video using the Filmic Pro app, the most advanced cinematic video camera app for mobile devices.


Recording Interviews with Zoom

Missing the CMAC studio? Don’t worry, Kyle and Cesar will show you how to produce your interview show from home using the free Zoom video conferencing software.


Recording Interviews with Skype

Maybe you’re more comfortable with Skype? Kyle and Terry will show you how to record interviews with the free Skype software.


Getting Started with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux. Jeff will show you how.


Where To Get Stream Keys For OBS

Wanna know where to get streak keys for various platforms for live streaming in OBS? Jeff has you covered.
Instagram tool:


Integrating NDI into OBS

Want to use another computer screen as a source in OBS without using a capture card? Terry shows how to install the NDI plug ins to make this possible!


CMAC Kits: Sony X70 & Z90 Camcorder – What’s In The Bag?

The CMAC Sony X70 & Z90 Kits are the most popular camera checkout in our library of resources. Here Dom covers what’s in the bag and how to get started with the camera.


CMAC Kits: Sony X70 Camcorder – Camera Settings

Dom covers how to navigate the camera menu to set up the camera for filming.


CMAC Kits: Sony X70 & Z90 Camcorder – Manual Exposure

Learn how to navigate manual exposure settings and controls with Cesar.


CMAC Kits: Sony X70 & Z90 Camcorder – White Balance

Learn to set White Balance using the Sony X70 and Z90 with Cesar.


CMAC Kits: Sony X70 & Z90 Camcorder – Manual Focus

Learn how to set and operate the Sony X70 and Sony Z90 in Manual Focus with Cesar. Also some tips and tools to help with getting sharp focus.


CMAC Kits: Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera – Getting Started

Learn what comes with a Canon M50 checkout and how to set up the camera for filming with Dom!



How to Upload Your Video to CMAC from Home

Need to send your latest video to CMAC for playback? You can do that from home. Kyle takes you through the process step by step.


Getting Started with DaVinci Resolve 16

Looking for a free editing application? Dom walks through downloading, installing, editing, and exporting a project in DaVinci Resolve 16.


Getting Started with HitFilm Express

DaVinci not your speed? Kyle walks through downloading, installing, editing, and exporting a project in HitFilm Express.


Editing with LumaFusion on iOS

Kyle shows you how to use this powerful video editing software available on iPad and iPhone mobile devices.


Editing with iMovie on iOS

Kyle shows you how to use this free video editing software available on iPad and iPhone mobile devices.


How to Create a YouTube Channel

Cesar takes you through the process of creating your own Google account and YouTube channel.


How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

Cesar shows you how to verify your YouTube channel so you can live stream and upload videos longer than 15 minutes.


How to Use The YouTube Audio Library

Cesar shows you how to utilize the free music and sound effects from YouTube.


Transferring media from your phone to your computer

Jeff and Cesar show you how to import the footage you captured on your phone to your computer for editing.



Podcasting Pre-Production

What do you need to think about to get your podcast into production? Dom will walk you through solidifying your ideas, format, and writing.

Podcasting from Home: Getting Started

Ready to create your first podcast? Dominque shares some helpful tips for producing your podcast at home.


How to Start a Podcast

Podcasting is more popular now than ever. Want to start your own? Dominique will show you how.


Record, Edit, and Publish a Podcast with Anchor

Explore the Anchor podcast app with Kyle as he figures out how to record, edit and publish a podcast all from the mobile app.


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