Valleywood: Wolf Corps

No wolf left behind! Semper Fur !!

Valleywood: WolfVet vs Cyborg

We pay homage to: Kung Fury, Wolf Cop and Batman '66. Surreal…

Valleywood: Firefrighter (Short Horror Film)

A good Fireman makes a mistake and becomes cursed to walk the…

Valleywood: Firefrighter Trailer

Trailer for "Firefrighter" short film.

Valleywood: Firefrighter 2: Red Flames

A CalFire ranger accidentally trespasses on Indian Forest lands…

Valleywood: Soldier Wolf (Soldado Lobo)

A border guard gets bitten by a Texas Ranger and turns wolf.

Valleywood: A Wolf and Dragon Go To Washington

A cartoon about politics featuring a wolf and dragon.