March ArtHop – Carolyn Hamilton

Be sure to join us this Thursday from 5pm to 8pm at CMAC as we feature local artist, Carolyn Hamilton. She considers her art as an abstract expression of her life and as a form of therapy and loves the feeling of a pen in her hand moving on a blank piece of paper. Carolyn was diagnosed first at age 14 with “nerves” then later with “manic depression” and eventually as “bipolar” at age 38. She is a champion for others suffering from mental illnesses and participates in many online support groups focused on removing stigma and sharing experiences. She feels her art is an expression of her mind, soul, and how she sees the world around her. This allows her to view the world in a different way. Her art is her language.

Posted: February 29th, 2020 / Updated: 7:08 pm

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