Celebrating Pride Month

CMAC is celebrating Pride Month by honoring the contributions and achievements of the many diverse communities that make up the LGBTQ+ population in the Central Valley. Let’s celebrate Pride in media and continue to work towards a more inclusive and equitable society. 

Trans Equality Now! | The California Endowment
Minneapolis City Council President Andrea Jenkins, the first Black transgender woman elected to public office in the United States, met with a panel of California activists to discuss the movement for transgender rights on August 24. In a conversation moderated by California Endowment Board Member Kris Hayashi, the panel discussed escalating threats to transgender people and strategies for fighting back and organizing for intersectionality. The featured panel included Bamby Salcedo, Janetta Louise Johnson, and Yuan Wang.

LFSA Community Platicas Series | Fresno StateCross-Cultural and Gender Center
Fresno State Cross-Cultural and Gender Center unveil LFSA Community Pláticas series: enlightening discussions on issues impacting Latina/o/x and marginalized communities at Fresno State and beyond. Empowering voices, fostering understanding, and promoting change. Join the series for a more inclusive future.

LGBTQ+ Rights and Visibility | Fernando Ortega, Youth Voices 2022
This documentary sheds light on LGBTQ+ rights, emphasizing equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation. It highlights protests and riots near Fresno and throughout California, addressing discrimination based on labels and attraction. By inspiring self-acceptance and encouraging activism, the film aims to normalize labels, pronouns, and sexuality. It advocates for universal human rights and equality.

October Observances| Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health
Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health video regards information relating to the various observances during October for LGBTQ+ History, National Bully Prevention, Emotional Wellness, and more.

She/Him/They | Alicia Lopez, Youth Voices 2021
Pronouns are not a preference but an integral part of one’s identity. This documentary shares the significance of pronouns by telling personal stories in an effort to normalize pronouns in a way that promotes asking others about and using their correct pronouns.

Bisexual Visibility: Acknowledging the Overlooked | Isabella O’Neal, Youth Voices 2021
Often people who identify as bisexual are overlooked and discriminated against by both the LGBTQ+ and straight communities. This film shares the experience of two bisexuals to alleviate some of the fears and discomfort associated with coming out.

Program Series

LGBTQ+ Documentaries | CART
This is a series of documentaries brought to you by the students of CART. They aim to create awareness around the LGBTQ+ community’s needs and Resources.

Five Days of Culture | Fresno County Public Library
This is a series of documentaries brought to you by the Fresno County Public Library. Five Days of Culture is a series of virtual programs to celebrate the communities and cultures that make up Fresno County. June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTQ+) Pride Month, and Five Days of Culture will feature five virtual programs to honor this time.