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Schedule for Friday, April 9, 2021

12:00 amFree Speech TV
06:00 amFresberg Creates: Ep 007 (John F Kennedy)
06:15 amFresberg Creates: Ep 007 (Colin Kaepernick)
06:30 amFresberg Creates: Ep 006 (Samuel L Jackson)
06:45 amFigures in Action: SDCC Photo Carousel
06:55 amFigures in Action: Weekend Blender Cosplay Contest 2019
07:00 amFigures in Action: San Diego Comicon 2019 (Full Episode)
07:30 amTolteca: A Story of Success (CMAC Youth Voices)
07:40 amFresno: A Home For All (CMAC Youth Voices)
07:50 amPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Value Study
08:00 amCMAC'n on Location: Victor DesRoches
08:50 amFigures in Action: Weekend Blender Cosplay Contest 2020 Pt 2
09:00 amTwo Guys Talkin' Fresno: Ep 69: Covid Craziness in Fresno
10:15 amCMAC Tutorials: How to Conduct a Video Interview
10:25 amCMAC Tutorials: Sony X70 & Z90 - Manual Focus
10:30 amThe Central Valley Ledger #173: Actor Ken Davitian
11:00 amSelma Originals 2019
12:30 pmDoc TV33: Cooking with E.Banks Ep.2
01:00 pmA Daffodil Blooms in Spring
01:50 pmCMAC Tutorials: Getting Started with HitFilm Express Editing
02:00 pmDemocracy Now!
03:00 pmCMAC'n on Location: Ron Thompson (Set 1) Part A
03:30 pmYo Soy!: Teens That Care
03:55 pmCMAC Tutorials: Sony X70 & Z90 - White Balance
04:00 pmTower Community Prayer Vigil
04:50 pmCMAC Tutorials: Sony X70 - What's In The Bag
04:55 pmCMAC Tutorials: Getting Started With Audacity
05:00 pmThe ONME Network 4/9/21
05:00 pmThe ONME Network Live
08:00 pmif the kit fox had hands: Ep 4
08:20 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Art App Showcase
08:25 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Using Apps
08:30 pmWeekend Blender Videos: Star Trek
08:55 pmPainterly - Two Minute Tips: Value Keys
09:00 pmThe Munro Review: Ep.38 (January 2021)
10:00 pmGive Your Walls Some Soul: These Peppers Have Soul
11:00 pmFranky & Ro: Building Healthy Relationships Ep 301

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