Showcasing Short-Films and Gaming Media

For the month of August, we’ll be showcasing a wide range of short films and gaming media. Stop by CMAC to check out the media we have in store for you!

Gaming Media

Gaming With Viiigon | Vic Ellis-Hankins
Embark on a spine-chilling journey with Viiigon as they dive into a series of horror games. Gripped by fear, their reactions range from heart-pounding screams to nervous laughter. Each game immerses them deeper into a world of terror, where survival hangs by a thread. As shadows dance and unknown horrors lurk, Viiigon’s wit and bravery are put to the test. Follow along to witness their rollercoaster of emotions, from gripping suspense to relief, all while navigating the unsettling realms of virtual horror.

CMAC Mario Kart Tournament | CMAC
CMAC presents the ultimate gaming showdown: Mario Kart Tournament! Get ready to rev those virtual engines and race your way to victory. Friends become rivals, and skill is your ticket to glory. Who will claim the coveted title of Mario Kart champion? It’s a high-speed, action-packed event that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Join us for heart-pounding fun and unforgettable moments in the race of a lifetime!

2023 | 2022

Esports | Fresno state
Dive into the dynamic world of Fresno State Esports, where competitive gaming meets academic excellence. Follow passionate gamers turned student-athletes as they skillfully navigate virtual arenas, representing their university with pride.

University of Wyoming | Utah State University | Exhibitions | Overwatch Tournament

FUeL: League of Legends | Fresno Unified School District
Explore the dynamic world of competitive gaming through the lens of the Fresno Unified eSports League. Immerse yourself in the high-stakes battles of the popular game League of Legends, where skilled players from diverse backgrounds unite to showcase their strategic prowess and teamwork.

Exodus TCG | Jake Medina
“Exodus” is a 10-minute tabletop card game where players, known as Drifters, traverse portals between landscapes in Eeventide. Craft stardust decks to summon mighty creatures, engaging in thrilling battles against rival Drifters. The game’s simplicity welcomes newbies while offering strategic depth for veterans. And don’t miss the electrifying tournaments, where your skills and decks collide in a cosmic showdown for supremacy!

Swords and Lasers | Dominque Zamora
In the thrilling spin-off series, ‘Let’s Play,’ Swords and Lasers’ beloved trio—Dom, Natalie, and Jeff—are back for their inaugural episode. Get ready for a wild ride as they channel their gaming prowess into Mario Kart Double Dash! You can watch all that and more pop culture coverage.

Short Films

Goodnight | Alexander Quezada
In a gripping tale, a young man’s curiosity leads him into the sinister depths of the Dark Web. As he delves deeper, he becomes entangled in a web of danger, secrets, and criminal activity. With each click, the stakes rise, and he must navigate a treacherous world where anonymity reigns, and escaping unscathed seems impossible. Will he break free or be forever trapped in the clutches of the Dark Web’s malevolence? Brace yourself for a suspenseful journey into the hidden shadows of the internet.

Stranded | El Diamante High School
A courageous space ranger finds themselves stranded in the vast expanse of space. With impending asteroids threatening their survival, they race against time to repair the ship and send out a distress call. As tension builds, the ranger must summon all their skills and resourcefulness to survive. Will they prevail in this high-stakes battle against the cosmos? Only time will tell.

This film was in the 2022 Slick Rock Film Festival.

Ball | Llewellyn Christian
Sent away to college to escape a life of crime, Shawn returns home only to find himself thrust back into the family business. Faced with difficult choices, he must navigate loyalty, ambition, and the repercussions of his past decisions. Will he break free or succumb to the legacy he tried to leave behind?

Before They Get You | Heartland Charter School
A camping trip turns into a nightmare for a young Parker, who loses his family to an unknown creature. watch as he battles to keep himself alive! Will this nightmare end well for Parker?

This film was in the 2022 Slick Rock Film Festival.

The Song of the Happy Shepherd | Alyssa Reyes
Watch this eerie short film that engulfs your mind in haunting shadows through cryptic poetry narration.

This film is part of the 2023 Fresno High School Film Festival.

HELP WANTED, But Not Yours | Duncan Hoge
In this compelling story, the protagonist faces a challenging dilemma: desperately seeking employment, yet continuously rejected by potential employers.

Road Trip | Davie Ramirez
In the thrilling short film, three friends execute a daring kidnapping. But their triumph turns into a harrowing road trip as they venture across state lines to resolve the loose ends. As tensions rise and secrets surface, they must confront their actions and the consequences that await them. A gripping tale of deception, loyalty, and the price of choices made.

Valleywood Series | Chris Mackey

A Dove Among Pigeons
Starring David Stay (Blood Drive short film). “All she wanted was her park bench….”

Wolf Corps
No wolf left behind! Semper Fur!

WolfVet Vs. Cyborg
We pay homage to: Kung Fury, Wolf Cop, and Batman ’66. Surreal patriotic heroics.

A good Fireman makes a mistake and becomes cursed to walk the City of Clovis, California, as a Half Fireman and Half-Dragon.

Firefrighter 2: Red Flames
A CalFire ranger accidentally trespasses on Indian Forest lands and is cursed.

The Germ Series | Windsong

A compilation of short videos inspired by dreams and nightmares

A compilation of short videos inspired by Day of the Dead.

A compilation of short videos inspired by director Wes Anderson and includes diegetic music. 

Short Film Bootcamp | CMAC

In these hilarious thrillers, join the hunt to find the misplaced pencil. As tensions rise, suspicions brew—could the parties involved be hiding the pencil, or are they an innocent bystander? Unravel the comedic mystery and discover the truth behind the missing pencil!

An employee’s quest for a distraction-free workday, but is constantly thwarted by her coworker’s frantic search for his misplaced pencil.

A dangerous
and mysterious man decodes his puzzle but loses his pencil.

Elevator technician leaves his pencil behind, and now he is in a game of Keep Away.

This bystander finds himself in a bit of a pickle, being interrogated and tortured to find the missing pencil.

These series are all based on the “Pencil Project” dialogue model.


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