Member of the Month: Lazarus “Doc” Torres

CMAC is full of individuals working hard to learn new skills, create content, and sharing it with the community. Each month we will highlight a CMAC member, their story, and the the programming they create. For October, our member of the month is Lazarus “Doc” Torres. He’s only been a member for four months but he hit the ground running since day one! He’s volunteered for various programs such as “Hablemos“, “These are the Days of Miracles“, “Yo Soy!“, and more! He’s also produced his own videos under “DocTv” and even started a new podcast titled, “Anonymous Nation”.

1. If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you want to be?

I would want to be a cat – I need nine lives to live this life. They’re majestic creatures and watchers of the human race.

2. What is your favorite novel and why?

Steven King’s “IT”. He likes to think outside the box. He doesn’t try to fit in and always innovating.

3. What is one destination you would like to visit?

Salem, Massachusetts. Where all my sisters were burned for the struggle of equality.

4. What is your favorite hobby?

Witchcraft, singing, and watching films.

5. What is your favorite movie?

“The Craft” – I like witches, what can I say?

6. Name 3 celebrities would love to meet and why.

Elvira, she is the queen of the dark. Wes Craven, they’re a horror god, script writer, and director. Betty White, she is my all time favorite.

7. What is one cartoon you still like to watch?

I like to watch anything old school on Cartoon Network.

8. How has CMAC been a positive influence in your life?

CMAC has given me the power, the knowledge, and the capability of knowing myself and to be able to reach my potential which I feel mos’t don’t have access to in this fast-paced world we live in today. I would like to give a special thanks to CMAC which has changed my life only for the better and I just can’t wait because now I have the building blocks to move forward. I suggest if you are thinking of becoming a member, don’t wait, what else are you going to do?

9. How do you hope to be a positive influence to those around you?

I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing with the shop every day – be on as many productions as I can and try to learn new things. Honestly, there’s no real formula, I feel I just do what I do – that’s just me. I would also encourage the next butterfly that’s about to spread their wings to be themselves, never look back, and always look forward, and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

Posted: October 1st, 2019 / Updated: 7:12 pm

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