Member of the Month: Edna Collins

CMAC is full of individuals working hard to learn new skills, create content, and sharing it with the community. Each month we will highlight a CMAC member, their story, and the programming they create. For July, our member of the month is Edna Collins. She produces the show “Yo Soy!” which focuses on documenting past, present, and future entrepreneurs in the community.  She recently started going LIVE with a new program on Facebook and YouTube called “Yo Soy! Neighborhoods” which focuses on community engagement on various issues within the area.

1. If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you want to be?

I want to be reincarnated as an eagle so I can soar the sky.

2. What is your favorite music genre and who is your favorite artist of that genre? Song?
My favorite genre of music is Rock & Roll. A favorite artist of mine is Tina Turner with her songs, “What Does Love Got to do With It” and “Proud Mary”. I love the message and dance music.

3. What is your favorite type of food?
I love Thai food.

4. What would your perfect vacation entail?
My perfect vacation would entail anything with silence, good weather, and the ocean.

5. What is your favorite novel and why?
My favorite novel is “Azteca: Express life of the Aztec People & Alive”, enjoyed learning about the human experience.

6. What is your favorite hobby?
Cross stitching and cooking.

7.What is a secret skill you have that not many people would know about?
A skill of mine is that I’m able to design clothing and sew without a pattern.

8. What is a pet-peeve of yours?
Whenever people don’t use their turn signal as they turn.

9. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Being able to create calm around the world.

10. How has CMAC been a positive influence in your life?
CMAC has allowed me to fit in with other artists.

Posted: July 4th, 2019 / Updated: 7:12 pm

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