Fresno Grizzlies on CMAC

The Fresno Grizzlies baseball club and CMAC have partnered to bring you select home games LIVE on the CMAC network! Most games will be live on CMAC 2 (, Comcast Xfinity Channel 94, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV on the “CMAC” app). Check our schedule page for air dates, or the Grizzlies website for line-ups and game schedules.


CMAC 2 – Education channel (Xfinity 93,



– Thursday, July 1st @ 6:50pm  (vs. Rancho Cucamonga)

– Friday, July 2nd @ 6:50pm (vs. Rancho Cucamonga)

– Tuesday, July 20th @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Wednesday, July 21st @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Thursday, July 22nd @ 6:50pm (vs Modesto)

– Friday, July 23rd @ 6:50pm (vs Modesto)

– Sunday, July 25th @ 5:05pm (vs Modesto)


– Tuesday, August 3rd @ 6:50pm (vs San Jose)

– Wednesday, August 4th @ 6:50pm (vs San Jose)

– Thursday, August 5th @ 6:50pm (vs San Jose)

– Friday, August 6th @ 6:50pm (vs San Jose)

-Sunday, August 8th @ 5:05pm (vs San Jose)

– Tuesday, August 10th @ 6:50pm (vs Stockton)

– Wednesday, August 11th @ 6:50pm (vs Stockton)

– Thursday, August 12th @ 6:50pm (vs Stockton)

– Friday, August 13th @ 6:50pm (vs. Stockton)

– Sunday, August 15th @ 5:05pm (vs. Stockton)

– Tuesday, August 24th @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Wednesday, August 25th @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Thursday, August 26th @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Friday, August 27th @ 6:50pm (vs. Modesto)

– Sunday, August 29th @ 5:05pm (vs. Modesto)


– Tuesday, September 14th @ 6:50pm (vs. San Jose)

– Wednesday, September 15th @ 6:50pm (vs. San Jose)

– Thursday, September 16th @ 6:50pm(vs. San Jose)

– Friday, September 17th @ 6:50pm (vs. San Jose)

– Sunday, September 19th @ 3:05pm (vs. San Jose)


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