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Membership Form
Fill this form out when you’re joining CMAC for the first time.

Member’s Guide
This document outlines all the policies members must agree to before taking production classes.

Production Proposal
Once you’ve taken the pre-production workshop you can formulate your show concept and submit this production proposal form. Do not submit this form until you are ready to start production on your program.

Playback Request
When you’re ready to submit your finished program, fill out this form and deliver it with a copy of your program.

Talent Release
You should have any person appearing prominently on camera sign this form which gives you permission to use their likeness on cable television and the web.

Below you will find helpful resources in various areas of video production, from useful links to video tutorials.

All CMAC Video Tutorials:

Producing / Pre-Production

Link: CMAC forms

Link: A List of Common Video Production Terminology

Link: CMAC Members Group on Facebook

Link: Fresno Filmmakers Alliance – Networking, cast and crew calls

Link: The Art of Pre-Production – Pre-Production tutorial from Vimeo

Studio Production

Link: CMAC Studio Help Guide

CMAC Video Tutorial: Using the Tricaster for Keying and Virtual Sets

Link: Tricaster tutorials from

Field Production

CMAC Video Tutorial: Sony X70 Camera Overview

CMAC Video Tutorial: Formatting SD cards

CMAC Video Tutorial: Zoom F8 Overview

CMAC Video Tutorial: How to use the field lighting kits

CMAC Video Tutorial: Camera Sliders

Link: Vimeo Video School

Editing / Post-Production

CMAC Video Tutorial: Editing at CMAC

CMAC Video Tutorial: Getting Started With iMovie

CMAC Video Tutorial: Getting Started With Premiere

CMAC Video Tutorial: Premiere Audio Tips and Tricks

CMAC Video Tutorial: Premiere Exporting Tips

CMAC Video Tutorial: Synchronizing Clips

CMAC Video Tutorial: Creating Time Lapses

CMAC Video Tutorial: Premiere Frame Scaling

CMAC Video Tutorial: Folder Structure

Link: Story Blocks Library – You can download over 100,000 stock video clips, motion background clips, Adobe After Effects templates, music tracks, music loops, sound effects, and stock images. You can search the library at home, but must use a CMAC editing station to download.

Link: YouTube Audio Library – Free music to use in projects. Requires free YouTube account.

Link: Free Music Archive – Free music that you can download and use in your projects. Some tracks require attribution in your credits, so make sure you double check the license information when you download.

Link: BBC Sound Effects Archive Resource • Research & Education Space. The BBC’s Sound Effects Archive of more than 16,000 free sound effects gives you access to a huge collection of sounds for different objects, locations, and actions. They’re all bound by a RemArc license that prohibits using these files in commercial work. The archive takes up 641 webpages but is completely searchable by keyword. You can also preview any files on the site that you want to listen to before downloading them as WAVs.

Link: Video Copilot – Free Adobe After Effects tutorials and templates.





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