For those who would rather leave the technical work in the hands of professionals, CMAC offers low-cost production services to our members. Our production team will work with you to design, shoot and edit a program or video project that meets your needs.

Whether you want to produce coverage of a special event, or create an informational talk show, mini-documentary, Public Service Announcement, or other non-commercial video content – CMAC can get the job done for you at a very affordable cost.

Contact us at 559-266-2622 or email info@cmac.tv for additional information.


CMAC 1 - Public Channel
Comcast 93 / AT&T 99 / Online
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CMAC 2 - Education Channel
Comcast 94 / AT&T 99 / Online
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CMAC 3 - Government Channel
Comcast 96 / AT&T 99 / Online
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CMAC Events

• Mon, Apr 4 - 6-8pm

Pre-Production class
• Wed, Apr 6 - 6-8pm

Editing w/Premiere class
• Mon, Apr 11 & Tues, Apr 12 - 6-9pm

Editing w/iMovie class
• Weds, Apr 13 - 6-9pm

Field Production class
• Tues, Apr 19 & Weds, Apr 20 - 6-9pm

Member Mixer
• Thurs, Apr 21 - 6-9pm

Studio Production class
• Tues, Apr 26; Wed, Apr 27 & Thurs, Apr 28 - 6-9pm

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